Virtual Discipleship Resource Via Axis Ministries

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May 12, 2020
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May 21, 2020
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Virtual Discipleship Resource Via Axis Ministries

Axis is a ministry that offers discipleship resources for the family. I am just getting to know this ministry, but I have found some of their resources to be potentially helpful to us and to families.

Because our current distance learning circumstances keep us from discipling in an in-person, face-to-face format with our students, I requested assistance from the folks at Axis to help us. Specifically, I asked Axis to prepare a recorded video session that addresses a common challenge many students face – anxiety; thankfully, Axis agreed to my request.

My hope is that our parents of 6th-12th graders will watch the session Axis made for us. I suggest that parents watch the session without their children present, so they can determine whether not they want to share all or even a portion of the video with their children. Previewing the session would also give parents the opportunity to be prepared to enrich their children’s viewing of the video by being ready to ask questions and provide personal applications or necessary clarifications. Alternatively, parents might choose to use some of the content as conversation starters with their children without actually having children watch the video.

I will be sending a link to the video Axis made for us via email to parents of 6th-12th graders. Doing this will allow parents to have control over their children’s access to the video.  

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